Pre-order // Threads of Fate Oracle - Lumen Edition - Threads of Fate
Pre-order // Threads of Fate Oracle - Lumen Edition - Threads of Fate

PRE-ORDER // Threads of Fate Oracle - Lumen Edition

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Why Pre-Order?
Because we are a small business, we hold pre-orders so we are able to cover manufacturing costs. We cannot guarantee we will have additional available stock once we receive the product, so the only way to make sure you receive a deck is to pre-order.  Please see timeline info below! Thank you for your support!

The Lumen Edition is our beloved oracle with holographic background and gold foil illustration! If you are familiar with our Journeyer Tarot, it is the same specs but with our oracle illustrations and new backgrounds. 

Things to know:
The artwork and content is the same as our other oracle editions, with the exception of a few illustrations. You can see the majority of the digital card renderings below. The digital renderings give you a good idea of the background, but the deck looks VERY different in real life. Please see video of 2 of our Journeyer cards in the video and the digital rendering of them in the images below. 

We are in touch with our manufacturers every day amidst the developing situation of the global pandemic. Our factory is fully up and running and printing, which is great! However, due to efforts to make sure all workers and product are safe, there are steps being put in place that have delayed our timeline by 2 weeks, ie: making sure product is sitting for 5 days to kill any potential germs. We anticipate receiving the decks in the first 2 weeks of May and will ship upon receipt. We will be sending out updates closer to shipping for those who have pre-ordered. 

There are NO refunds for pre-order items. We hold a preorder to cover the manufacturing costs, so once we are in production we have zero ability to refund you.