We hope you enjoyed the digital oracle pull! Please keep in mind, these card messages are NOT the same as what will be in the deck! There will be a lot more content and multi-layered messages that invite you to explore herbs, crystals, animals, archetypes - and above all, your own intuition. 



The Alchemist is a master at transmutation. When we pull this card, spirit is asking you to reflect on that which needs to be shifted in your life. What can you transmute? What dense energies need to be worked with? The Alchemist archetype is a call to focus on your innate ability to transform - meaningless into powerful, stale into inspiring. 



Your ancestors are always around you - you are here because of their efforts, struggles and sacrifices. When you pull the ancestors card, it is a pretty good indication that they are trying to talk to you. If you do not have a consistent practice of praying and communicating with your ancestors, perhaps make space for it now. A good way to begin that connection is to create an altar for them - place objects of theirs, photographs, anything that you feel honors them. When you tend to this altar, begin talking to them. Ask them what they need from you and what messages they have for you. Be in service of them and honor them. 


A S K   B O D Y

In spiritual work, the body is often overlooked. There is a tendency to go higher rather than deeper, but this card encourages you to enter into a dialogue with your body. Our physical body holds all of our experiences and is a reflection of our hearts, minds and spirits. It also has inherited significant experiences and traumas that have been passed on in our lineage. To dialogue with the body is to get to the root of the matter where our minds can only guess.

Sit or lie comfortably, bringing your attention to your breath. Let your body relax and clear your mind. Then imagine as if you are dropping into your body – if there is a specific place you want to go (a place that holds tension or dis-ease) go there, otherwise drop into your core. Ask your body any questions that come to mind, if there is anything you need guidance with or are unsure of, bring that to mind. See what it says. Deepening the relationship with one’s body will always be beneficial and provides a safe space you can retreat to when you need assistance.


D A R E   T O   D R E A M

This card serves as messenger for you to reflect upon your deepest dreams, your highest ambitions. It is here to remind you that no dream is too big for you. It is an invitation to step wildly into them, to visit them often, to ask them what they need from you. Despite what your current circumstances are, no matter how “far away” you feel from your dreams, spirit is telling you otherwise.  We often neglect our dreams because we do not know “how” to attain them – but the process of going after our dreams is a collaboration with spirit. If you show up for them, they will show up for you too.

G E T  C R E A T I V E

To be a human is to be creative. But we can lose sight of this. From a young age, we absorb the cultural stigma around the arts and creativity – that it is impractical and should take a backseat to other pursuits. But the truth is, creativity brings flow to our life. It finds openings. Without a creative practice, we can easily find ourselves stuck. Tap into your sacral chakra, the seat of creativity, and see what it wants to bring to life.  


G E T   W I L D

The wild is calling. When you think about the wild parts of you - what comes up? Is there an embrace or shame? What does your wild look like? What is it's movement? What would you do if that's who you were all the time? How can you bring these things into your daily life?

To be wild is to be raw, powerful and in your natural state. This card asks you to drop deep into the roots of your being and see what lives there. What seeds are waiting to bloom? We all have a wild and untamed landscape within us that is asking for expression, be in yours. 


H I G H E R  P E R S P E C T I V E         

A higher perspective will always serve. Whether we are in an altercation, feeling insecure, unsure of ourselves and our place in the world, getting reactive, etc…if we can view the situation from above – to see all the moving parts and forces at play, we begin to realize we are not the center and there is freedom in that. It is easy to get reactive and try to control our immediate environment, but when we can shift into a higher state of consciousness, we are able to surrender our need for control which frees up space and energy for us!



Where are you lacking clarity in your desires? Are you sending the universe mixed signals by focusing on what you don’t want or your lack? When we are working on manifesting, it is important we have clarity around what we truly want. Sometimes we can confuse ourselves! Sometimes we think we want to be financially free, but maybe all we really want is to have more excitement in our life (or the sorts of things financial freedom in our lives). Get to the core of what you want and how can you cultivate those energies where you are at right now. 

This card also asks you to focus on shifting your mindset around what you believe you do not have. If you feel that you have a lack, try viewing that void for the universe to fill. Emptiness is a prayer!



To create shift, changes or make progress – we need to make space for physical movement which stimulates action. When we move our body, we are allowing any stuck or stagnant energies within us to flow, bringing space for new opportunities and inspiration. Spend a moment connecting to your emotions - what are you feeling? Where are you feeling it in your body? If the emotion was a movement, what would the movement be? (Ex: if the feeling is anger, maybe the movement is pounding). If possible, try to spend some time doing that movement. 



The Outlaw is often on the fringes of society - they value ultimate freedom over everything. A major pillar of their personality is non-comformity and rebellion. We can all learn from the Outlaw - this archetype gives us the strength to step outside our comfort zone and honor our authentic self, even if it looks different from others. But what we want to be about is conscious rebellion - the desired path over primal reaction.  Being a reactive rebel can put us in tight spots. What part of yourself needs to be fought for? What does your rebel look like and like to do? Be with your rebel today, ask it what it needs from you. 



In the process of becoming an adult, many of us have bought into the idea that the things we do must have a purpose. But one of the most magical things we can do is invest ourselves into something that has no point, to simply act from a place of creation without any attached outcome or desired result. Feel called to make a fort? Wanna paint or draw? Collage? Jump on a trampoline? Do all of these things and more – but don’t do it for the picture, to make money, receive compliments or for burning calories. This is not to say you shouldn’t take pictures, make money, receive compliments or burn calories…it only means make sure you are partaking in activities or playing where you have zero expectations. And sometimes we begin an activity and then notice its benefits and it ends up becoming an item on our to-do list or something that is no longer considered play. If you still want to do it, please do, but try to do it from a place of play. Or find something else that is!


S P E A K   T R U T H

Your soul, heart and body are always trying to communicate with you. Maybe you find yourself mysteriously drawn to a subject, artform or genre. Maybe you realize you are buying every purple thing you see. All of these things, whether small or large, are our heart’s longing. It is an ember of our truth trying to light within us. In order to nurture that flame, we must breathe life into it. Embody it, speak it, embrace it. Tap into your truth in any way you can and give it power by naming it.


This card is calling you to spend time exploring your subconscious self. It is through knowing our subconscious that we find the root of our blocks, perceived limitations and wounds. We cannot reach our true potential without meeting our shadow and working with the parts of ourselves that we have been told to lock away or be ashamed of. The truth is – your shadow is your greatest gift. It is the ultimate lightwork. 

Consider signing up for Blaire's free Intro to Shadow Alchemy course HERE to further your shadow work. 



S O U L  W O R K

Sometimes we lose sight of our highest purpose in this earthly realm while we are navigating our day-to-day life, but this card asks you to once again check in with your soul purpose. What are you here to teach? What are you here to learn? What stirs in your heart? Spend some time reflecting upon your soul mission and how you can integrate it into your life.


You are being presented with a challenge and this card is asking you to tap into the reserves of strength within you. Sometimes we try to tell ourselves that we need a lot of external tools, support or validation. We may seek counsel. We may fall trap to the idea that we have to learn or know more to tackle this challenge. But this card wants you to know that all you need is within you. Your life has prepared you for this, drop into your power center and trust that you got this. 



We often hear this term being thrown around in intentional communities, and rightfully so – this is one of the primary lessons we are on earth to learn. It is also one of the most challenging. To surrender is to have our human nature take a back seat. This is not easy, and we can find ourselves saying “I know how I should look at this” but being unable to fully embody that. When we are working with larger concepts, it is important to break it down. Rather than embracing “surrender” like a mantra, enter into a dialogue with it. What does it mean? What does it look like? If you were to surrender, how would you feel? How would you move through life? How would your heart, soul, mind and body feel? With the situation at hand, how would you engage differently? What are small things you can do daily that hold a container for surrender? Consider journaling around these questions and sit with what this card means for you and how you can integrate it.



This card is asking you to tap into your inner alchemist. Within you lies the ability to take dense energy and turn it into a lighter and higher vibration. You can do this in response to constricting situations, difficult relationships or within your internal landscape. Often, we do not need to consciously work at the issue but simply have the intention of doing so. This card is an invitation to creating a sacred container for that which you want to transmute.



People often confuse surrender and trust, lumping them into the same idea. But these are different things and require different parts of us. Surrendering often feels darker and like you’re submerged, unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Its lesson is a teaching in rebirth – the rebirth can only happen when you surrender to winter without expecting spring to come around. It is a lesson in adapting. But trust is a more intuitive process. There is an element of vision, of knowing what is possible, of seeing the potential and trusting that you will get there but you do not know how you will. It is trusting that the universe will provide the resources and illuminate the path if you show up for it. Reflect around your history with trust: do you have evidence of how trusting can bring about magical solutions? If not, at what point in the process do you give up?



This card asks you to take inventory of all aspects of your warrior archetype. Does it feel balanced to you? Do you feel like you are always on the defense or looking for a challenge? Do you feel intimidated by others and easily back down? All of these pieces of warrior are present within us, it is our job to reflect on the situations where one aspect is activated over another. Many times the warrior archetype is rejected as being destructive and "not loving" - but we need the warrior within us! The warrior creates change, has courage and remains composed in situations where other crumble. Reflect on where the warrior lives within you and what it is asking from you right now.