We hosted a community Instagram Journey for those who are choosing to stay home to protect those most vulnerable in our community.

We ended with 10 days and wanted to save the applicable prompts here for everyone. Hope you enjoy!

Day One

Okay! So for our first day, we are grounding + connecting with the body. There’s lots of ways to do this but read how we are doing it below and swipe for a video if you like visuals. Also, find a Spotify playlist for this exercise in our story post!

During times of stress, anxiety, uncertainty and trauma, the body can feel unsafe. We have lots of stress hormones flooding and we have a tendency to protect ourselves by going “up” into our head. In our head, we try to endlessly analyze what’s happening so we feel safer and know what to expect. The problem here is that in order to heal or feel better, we must re-establish connection with our body.

💕 Place your hands on your chest, close your eyes, and begin breathing into this space. Connect to your heart center, notice what is living here right now, allow it to come up. Stay here as long as you’d like.

✨ Do exactly what you did for your chest, but next on your upper abdomen (solar plexus) and lower belly (sacral).

🌏 You may notice that you struggle to truly connect with one or more places on your body, that’s okay. If this happens, extend your arms above and do the same, but see if it feels easier to do while not directly touching. See video! You may find you need to move your hands closer or further away from your body - follow what you’re feeling.

📝 Write this down in your self-care toolbox and keep it forever!

Day Two


Pretty simple, grab a piece of paper and writing instruments - if you have variety of colors (ie crayons, markers, colored pencils, etc), use those! If you don’t, no worries.

So we’re going to draw our body - but not how we visually perceive it, but how it feels. Don’t overthink it, it definitely doesn’t need to look pretty or accurate (see slider). You can draw it in stages how I did in picture (I scanned my body feet to head) or you can just draw how it all feels cohesively. There is NO RIGHT OR WRONG! Promise. But if you have questions ask us below! 💕 it doesn’t even have to look like a body, can totally be abstract.

And when you’re done, don’t analyze it yet. If anything comes up for you emotionally, write it down. And just notice what you notice about the drawing....we want to be nonjudgmental and curious about what comes up for us about our bodies.

A note on interpreting: you will always know best, but using Blaire’s as an example above - you may have noticed contraction in my sacral + a very expanded upper abdomen with a block on chest. I am not as connected to my sacral as I am other places...this is where feeling, sensuality, sexuality, creativity. I’m quite creative but I have a difficult relationship with feelings and pleasure, thus the “caving in” aspect here.
I have a tendency to store everything in my solar plexus (that expansion, it often feels HUGE). The block on my chest indicates to me that I have some rigidity here in my heart center. I have a lot of love and compassion, but I’m also very mental and intuitive, accessing my emotions can be a challenge for me. My arms were skinny and squiggly because I think I feel like I can’t tangibly affect or contribute in this moment of time, maybe a bit powerless. Our arms often carry that “getting it done” energy, they are how we interact with the world and DO. If you have questions about my interpretation of things, feel free to ask.

Day Three

We have uploaded some guided audio to google drive that is accessible HERE. Today we recommend “Finding A Safe Place,” the “Active Mindful Eating Exercise” or “Experiencing Your Environment.”

The safe place track is really helpful for when you’re feeling overwhelmed and feel like you have nowhere to turn. It is also comforting to know you can find a safe space that only you can visit. The Mindful Eating exercise would be great for those who have been struggling with stress eating and feel disconnected from their body. “Experiencing Your Environment” is great for grounding and being in the body. ALL of these tracks are a continuation of our first two days, coming back to the body, experiencing our senses and allowing ourselves to be present to our physical self when our instinct may be to get in our head.

Day Four

Brought to you by @anandamana 💜 Check out her website here: www.astrosouldeck.com and her Etsy shop HERE for Astro readings. We can personally say she is AMAZING. This exercise was for Sundays, but check out her instagram @astrosouldeck for her series on working with each day of the week.

Each day of the week corresponds to one of the traditional 7 planets in Astrology. Today, Sunday is the day of the Sun each day of the week has different activities we could do to be in alignment with these energies and welcome them into our lives. The Sun in Astrology represents our Ego, self-expression, creativity and playfulness.

The exercise for this giveaway is to honor the energy Sun, allowing us to shine brighter than ever while feeling our best, because even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise again. Activities such as dancing, singing, playing an instrument, doing yoga (ever wondered where sun salutation come from?) writing poetry, drawing or playing games (whether it's online or with your family / friends if you're self-isolating with more people) will help you embrace the energy of the Sun and will also increase your vibrations. The connection between mind and body is essential for this exercise.

Day Five

🌿 TO DO:

It’s cleansing day! And you can choose whatever cleansing ritual you find helps you the most, but we want to offer a visualization for it too:
1) imagine yourself sitting in a beautiful meadow and a beam of bright white light stretching down from the sky, reaching your head and wrapping around your body. Watch as this light pulls out any and all stress/tension/worry. Focus on your breath, allowing it to take up more space where the tension once lived.
2) Imagine you are near a magical stream of healing water, you wade in and begin floating on your back. This water begins gently lapping around you, and it acts as a magnet, pulling out any negativity or fear in your body, replacing it with pure light energy. Feel how lovely the water feels, how you can feel your body letting go and opening up.

Try to spend a few minutes in this healing place you’ve created!

🛁 Immunity Boosting Self Care Soak 🛁
Bathing in medicinal herbs and flowers brings many benefits. The spirit of the plant its received through the skin, scalp, and bodily openings.

Here is a bath recipe to support the immune system, increase circulation, heal the skin, and sooth the mind, body, and spirit. If you don’t have a tub, feel free to use this recipe for a foot soak as the bottoms of the feet are an entry way into the system as well.

In a small pot create your medicinal herb decoction:
4 c boiling water
1 C calendula flowers
1 C Chamomile Flowers
1 C echinacea flowers (feel free to use a few teabags if thats what you have)

Boil the water, turn the stove off,
Add herbs, and allow to steep for 1-4 hours
Strain when ready.

Start running your bath water and grab whatever you prefer for smoke cleansing.
Add a scoop of Himalayan salt or sea salt
Add 2-6 tablespoons of freshly grated ginger
Add the medicinal flower decoction
Add 3-8 drops of:
lemon essential oil
orange essential oil
rosemary essential oil
peppermint essential oil

Day Six

This exercise is brought to you by Dana Machacek - check out her amazing work HERE.

This exercise will gently regulate your heart rhythms, which will in turn allow your brain and heart to synchronize with each other. Cultivating coherence in the heart and brain can reduce stress, boost immunity & improve mood, creativity & overall well-being.

The Heart Lock-In Technique has 3 steps:

Begin by breathing in & out through your nose, making your inhales and exhales a little deeper, longer, and slower than usual. Your eyes can be opened or closed, and you can be in any desired position. Try counting silently to 5 or 6 for each in-breath and out-breath, and imagine that your breath is flowing directly through your heart: in and out through the center of your chest. If you’re a visual person, you can time your breathing to the pace of the mandala in one of my free guided heart coherence videos, see them HERE.

When the rhythm of your breath feels steady, imagine that you are infusing an elevated emotion into it, such as peace, compassion, trust, or thankfulness. As you continue to breathe in and out, picture the energy of your chosen emotion flowing through the chambers of your heart, effortlessly rinsing it clean and filling your chest with well-being.

When you feel deeply connected to your breath & to the regenerative energy that now permeates it, imagine on every in-breath that you are radiating that quality to every cell in your own body. On every out-breath, imagine sharing that energy with others & the world. Inhale & picture your whole body steeping in gratitude, alignment, or kindness. Exhale & picture yourself radiating healing energy to everyone & everything around you.

Day Seven

Today is a New Moon Ritual brought to you by Lindsey Selene. Click on this link and use the password LetsWakeUp!
Things you will need :
A space to sit in meditation
A fire-safe container or bowl
A pen
A few pieces of paper
A bowl of water, just in case ;)
If you want to follow the video, click the link in our bio. But for those of you who want to do the activation workshop on your own follow these instructions:
-First write your goals you were working towards before quarantine began
-Split those goals into two parts; the action and the result or end goal (means to an ends)
-Write new actions you can take to get to that same goal despite the changes in our world
- When you feel complete, burn the papers in the fire safe bowl to activate your goals
Any changes you want to make to this are okay! If you feel like using this more as a release instead of activation, that’s great! If you want to release and then activate later, also great! Follow your intuition, get creative and do what feels best for you.

Day Eight


Sara Lyons made THE COOLEST THING. It’s a print out paper fortune teller you can color and use to tell you what you can do to support yourself right now. See slider image! So much fun right? Download HERE.