Our primary intention with the Book of Days is that it helps you track your internal work + cycles in a holistic way. It is undated, and while it has structure for weeks, months and quarters, you can take a break from it and restart it wherever you choose.

There is a full page for every day of the year, which is a major difference from other planners (this also makes it significantly thicker)
- There is a space for mind, body and spirit. You can use this however feels right to you. We like to track our fluctuations here but do whatever you feel called to do.
- There is a section for your to-do as well as thoughts + inspo.
- At the top, you can fill in whichever phase the moon is in.
- In the 3 panel bar below that, you can include what is important to you. Ex: The date, what day of your cycle you are in, the card you pulled, your word for the day, etc.
- The grey bar at the bottom can also be used however you want. 

Other pages:
- There are weekly, monthly and quarterly check ins and reflections.
- There is the traditional wheel of the year, for both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.
- Some planetary stuff (retrogrades and moon phases) as well as some info on how to work with the moon or solar phases of the day.
- Art from the deck is featured as a separation of months.
- You can choose between 2 covers, a gold embossed or a black spot UV.

Other important info:
- The Book of Days is 2” thick, 10” tall and 7” wide. It is 4lbs and 520 pages. We do not recommend this be something you carry with you every day. Because of its size, it is best used as a book you visit throughout the day at your desk/kitchen table/altar/etc.
- It has a silk ribbon bookmark
- Pockets inside the front and back covers
- It has a velvet laminate on it, which makes it more vulnerable to scratches, in particular, whatever side faces down. We recommend handling it with care if you choose to carry it places, perhaps wrapping it in cloth so it is protected. Because this is a sacred object that contains all the pieces of you, we recommend this anyway.

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