Shipping Costs + Policies

Shipping Costs
We totally understand the frustration that comes with high shipping costs. Unfortunately, we can’t change the costs set by USPS - we could if we would! It is important for you to know that we do not make any money on shipping. We are very grateful that our products are built for long-term use, so if you break it down: using the Deck or Book of Days for a year, the shipping cost would come out to $1.63 a month for those in the US or $2.50 a month for those international.

Shipping Times + Policies
We ship out 2 times a week so please allow for 4-5 business days for your order to hit the mail stream. The 1-3 days of expedited shipping refers only to the time USPS has the item. We have to send each package expedited due to weight requirements.

Please keep in mind that once a label is created it simply means the label was created. It does not mean that your order was shipped as the label creation is part of the 4-5 business days. It may take a couple days for you to see the package being scanned.

We are not responsible for the USPS and we cannot provide you more answers than what you see on your tracking.
We are not responsible for any package that says “delivered.”
We are not responsible for any address input errors (so be careful when inputting address).

If a package goes missing while in route or appears to be lost, that is an entirely different issue - please contact us.


We do not offer refunds.